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Reduce your power bills by over 70%!

Shalfa Holdings LTD is the leading solar company in Kenya. Over 10,000 residential and commercial customers in Kenya have benefited from our solar installations.

Solar Inverters

Say yes to Solar Powered inverters during power outages. We provide W2 & W3 series of solar inverters in Single-phase & Three-phase configurations.

Solar EPC Projects

Being the industry experts, we passionately work on Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) projects related to the Solar Energy…

Solar Lights

Our Solar light systems long last and are aesthetically appealing. We offer Solar Garden Lights, Solar Street LEDs, and Solar Motions Sensor lights.

Solar Power Backups

We offer complete power backup solutions that guarantees 24/7 power backup supply. Our PV modules come in…

Solar Pump

Solar pumps are being widely used to tap the underground water simply because of their cost effectiveness.

Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heaters supply hot water on demand. Solar Water Heaters use solar energy from the sun to generate heat.

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70% Energy Savings




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I loved how quick the installation was done. I have used the solar heating system for 2 years now without any issues.
John Kamau
I have absolutely managed to reduce my electric bills significantly. Solar is the way to go. Thank you Samcol.
Jane Adhiambo
Property Manager
I no longer pay high energy bills. I have managed to save about 50,000 every year after installing the solar heating systems.
Mike Makau
Home Owner

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